Using sex toys make your sex life better.

Sex between men and women is very harmonious, if one party can not enter good state or conflict of interest, so two people are less likely to experience sexual pleasure, then, how can we experience a high-quality quality perfect sex using sex toys? Let us learn about it.

First, with the body to communicate
Let her feel that you really love her, do not want to work as soon as possible. If you are really so desperate, also don’t show it, your rash would make her feel just for you to using sex toys. Sex is a matter of two people, what to eat by the communication between the two sides decided to learn from each other to understand the needs of each other, help to enhance intimacy.

Second, with desire to temptation
Want to enjoy high quality sex, in addition to the use of hand fabrication, but also can make use of other parts of the body, you can have a deep affection for her, using sex toys or kiss. The tip of the tongue into her mouth, she also modeled on this, can make each other feel more. Even if no matter how hungry, also don’t swing into the hole, extremely eager mood, enough to make sex at the peak.

Third, flirt with your touch
Want to get the perfect sex, embrace indispensable. In addition, you can through the touch to enhance the quality of sex from her secondary sensitive began to start with, such as ear and neck, then gradually moved to super sensitive areas, like the inner thighs and genitals, more gentle feel, she will become more and more into the situation. Of course, you can ask her to act in collusion with using sex toys flirt with each other.

At last, to stimulate the use of foreign objects
To handle the G-spot stimulation of the anterior vaginal wall, you can make a woman orgasm a little more, a little more excitement. The veteran sex, sometimes inevitably feel tricks, home style dishes are eaten, can not eat special meals. The use of electric massage stick or sexy lingerie and other using sex toys, to enhance the freshness of sex. Select two people to watch the quality of adult film, looking for inspiration from the film, help develop ideas, improve the quality of sex.