How to use a vibrator.

In order to make love more passionate, a lot of people will use the vibration stick to help flirt. The vibrator is actually a root power can produce vibration stick, strongly felt can stimulate the sensitive parts of the body, quickly ignite. But how to use a vibrator?

How to use a vibrator:
The first step, press the sensitive area: nipple, vulva, labia, clitoris, G-spot, anus region. Then, hold the rod vibration stick, its head is also the vibration zone on these sensitive points, you can press on the first part of a fixed position, so that women continue to enjoy the stimulation of vibration. When pressed, you can adjust the frequency of vibration rods, usually divided into low, medium and high stalls, in the use of the process can be maintained in a stall, you can go back and forth.

The second step of how to use a vibrator, began to “circle”: in the woman sensitive area press after a period of time, a woman brings to the vibrator stimulation can adapt to some, this man can hold the vibration rod in the sensitive area on the “circle”, is the sensitive area of rotation, hold the rotating vibration rod, to increase her stimulus. At the moment can also transform the frequency.

The third step of how to use a vibrator: after pressing, transform the stimulus frequency and the “circle”, a man can temporarily lift the vibrator apart, or 2 seconds, and then put down the vibration rod, or to continue to press the “circle”, to a woman and sometimes without feeling. Do not change the frequency of stimulation, the best adjustment to the maximum amplitude.

The fourth step of how to use a vibrator, the body of a woman walk Bang Bang: when the sensitive area is flirting with a period of time, hold the vibration rod walk her body, choose the best starting point, from the chest to the genitals, and then pass back, do this for women more comprehensive stimulation. The maximum frequency is recommended for roaming.

The fifth step of how to use a vibrator, the official: wait until the woman is inserted into the vagina secrete foreign and wet, and then slowly inserted, avoid dryness, pain and other adverse conditions. If there is a bit dry can be used lubricating oil; if not afraid of health, can give a condom bang bang. In fact, now both men and women can have a formal “war”, the bang bang task is ended.

The using of ball gags.

Ball gags
Ball gags is mouth plug during BDSM role play party, the mouth long open, even the ice under the helpless raving slobber on behalf of obedience, dominant get pleasure from humiliation in submissive caused by abuse, sexual arousal and orgasm stimulation.

The first is the psychological reaction of shame, if you allow the wearer to see myself in the mirror can greatly enhance the feeling, after all the social attribute is closely linked with human face, and for wearing ball gags and twisted face means that the social attribute of deprivation. Ball gags always used together with other SM projects, so M’s attention is always flowing, aching slobber and other items in the excitement of the chin switch back and forth, it will also increase the psychological sense of helplessness and sense of being used.

Q:Never used, the mouth of the ball gags is placed in the teeth after the tooth?
A:Yes, when the ball is in use must be pushed to the back of the position of the teeth and then tied the tape, or even if the tape is also easy to spit out.

The online search under 3.8cm mouth ball size, most people use are not a problem, although the main use of 3.5cm false positive thought, but in different ball gags and false positive, false positive full diameter 3.5cm, that is to say at least open teeth can enter 3.5cm. And the ball to the teeth behind teeth can be on the part of the actual use of the teeth open range are not even 3cm, as for the ball after the tooth mouth mouth more than sufficient space to accommodate a 3.8cm.

Q:How long can I normally use the ball gags?
A:Wear mouth ball should not exceed 10~20min, the greater the mouth ball wear time should be shorter, too long time to wear may cause persistent pain or dislocation.

Q:There is no mouth if you have any way to achieve the same effect? Is a kind of shame effect?
A:Many kinds of plug, ball gags is a common plug, other each has its unique application scenarios and psychological feelings, has recently been introduced different finishing plug, have at least more than 20. There are a lot of other mouth plugs to choose from.

What’s the fake pussy?

Fake pussy is a kind of male sex toys, can use masturbation, have certain curative effect to impotent patient.
The structure of fake pussy is made of hard rubber (shell) composed of thin and soft rubber tube. The tube is set in the casing tube, both ends of turning to the housing.

More popular than ever, fake pussies exist in a number of male sex toys– this guide will help you to choose and care for the fake pussy that’s right for you.

The idea that a fake pussy sex toy can be as pleasurable as the real thing is a very controversial statement. A lot of people just ignore male sex toys because they feel that they couldn’t possibly live up to the real thing. However if you give them a try you’ll find that an artificial vagina toy can be even better than a real one.

That doesn’t mean that if you had a real woman and a realistic pussy toy in front of you that you should choose the male sex toys. There are a lot of things involved in sex that a toy could never replicate. For instance, a fake pussy toy won’t ever be able to engage in dirty talk with you or caress your body like a real person could. But there are certain advantages to using a toy that make them worth owning.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re now an expert on everything related to rubber fake pussy. From materials to types, storage and cleaning, and a whole lot else, you have the ability to educate the masses (and they will surely appreciate it!). But one important piece of information hasn’t yet been covered: where to go about purchasing an artificial vagina. As the popularity of the devices has increased, the number of manufacturers and companies have also exploded (male sex toys), and the reality is that some of these companies are better than others.

Of course you don’t have to limit your use of sex toys just to masturbation. You can actual put these toys to good use during sex with a partner. For instance, if you’ve fantasized about a threesome, a male sex toys can act as a willing “third.”With all the advantages, every man should own a sex to. The question is, how do you choose from among all the options? Just remember that the most important factors of a good sex toy for guys is to have real fake pussy, stimulating textures and be easy to clean. Toys such as the Fleshlight or the Autoblow make great options.

Inflatable dildo – don’t make you alone.

Inflatable dildo of varying length, extensible backyard explorers, multi speed oscillator, and more easily scalable design, suitable for different needs, when you enter the climax of the moment, press the pump, make your lust straight to the sky…… Soft and strong shock cone design, with the rapid expansion of help (to expand about 3 times in a very short period of time) and it’s women’s love.

Advantage of inflatable dildo:
1. Adjustable vibration: detonated between the exit and the out of the great pleasure.
2. Controllable expansion: scalable design, import more easily, suitable for different needs; press the pump, the fine cone slowly expansion, make you lust straight to the sky.

Commended user of inflatable dildo:
1. Gay and lesbian’s backyard sex tool;
2. Men and women of different physiological conditions, often resulting in female orgasm at different times, this time as a prelude to sex or sex woman has something more to say after AIDS, make sex life as far as possible simultaneously to achieve perfect harmony
3. Long-term celibacy modernist lady, lost and lonely, do not want just a relationship with the opposite sex;
4. Afraid of an infectious venereal disease, AIDS, the weaker of the sexual impulse control, is recommended, prepared against want;
5. Couples separated, sexual desire strong lady;
6. Divorced and single lady;
7. Women with impaired sexual function or long life without law;
8. Due to overwork or non organic caused by sexual dysfunction;
9. Female frigidity, lack of orgasm disorder or sexual excitement, sexual desire is too strong such as sexual dysfunction;

Enjoy your anal sex – anal training.

General anal sphincter in order to prevent fecal leakage, it’s tight at ordinary times, and it’s powerful, no matter how relaxed the other person is, I am afraid that even a finger is difficult to reach, if in this case, forcibly insert foreign body, most likely cause anal laceration, so must go through certain training procedures, in order to enjoy anal sex or anal training.

First of all, the use of (related articles) about the related formalities, intestinal clean, just after the drug market will be slightly protruding anus, coated with emulsion or aqueous lubricant on the finger you can at this time, try to put your finger into the anus, because the average person’s feces are thicker than the fingers, that the anus can expand to the point than the fingers thick, so even without anal sex or anal training people, should also be put a finger into the, if you feel pain, or do you feel unable to enter when the pressure is strong.

You can try the following:

Before anal sex and anal training, let the other side in the body relax and can reveal the anus, such as let him lie on the arm of the sofa to the anus as the center, draw a circle with a finger massage of the anal sphincter, the sphincter to relax, slowly let the fingers enter, and asked each other in a similar drainage way in the lower abdomen force let, intestinal muscle outward (if you have done to help him market if you don’t have to worry about when a stool ran out).

You can see the other side of the sphincter outward uplift and become more relaxed, while this time, let the fingers slide in, and when the other side of the anus shrink again, you should have a small cut finger in it, this time to stop and let the anal habit of finger thickness, until not discomfort disappeared, then continue to the next action. Repeat several times, you should be able to be all fingers into the anus, then you can try your fingers, or bending or scratching, or let them understand each other’s anus tightening, enjoy your anal sex or anal training.

Come and choose a best vibrators as CHRISTMAS gift for your girl.

Every woman deserves a best vibrators but with so many of the market, it can be hard to know what to go for. Exactly what you need to know before buying one.

Once seen as a last resort for the girls left on the shelf, best vibrators are now rightfully seen as a way for women (and men) to revitalise their sex lives and to help them understand their own bodies and sexual needs better, in addition to improving sexual health too. However, don’t make the mistake of bagging the first Bunny you set your sights on: there are several things to consider before you get buzzing.

Best vibrators can not only effectively reduce the fatigue and soreness caused by sports and mental stress. When used for sensitive parts of the human body can make people have a stronger desire for sex, which can add more joy to both sides of the sex. People often use best vibrators irritating sensitive belt and sensitive points, thereby enhancing sexual pleasure. Strong sense of stimulation!

Sexual desire refers to the desire of people sex, but now life rhythm fast, work pressure, so that people’s sexual desire to reduce. So the emergence of best vibrators makes people’s frigidity has been greatly improved. Use electric massage stick stimulation, make people nervous nervous relax, and enhance the desire of sexual desire. It is shoot two hawks with one arrow.

Before and after the best vibrators should be used to clean, and the best vibrators cleaning after use, the circuit part and avoid contact with water, to avoid electrical fault, do not coat with ink and other dirt, collection before removing the battery from the battery box apparatus into the box, should be placed on the original location of each collection well to prepare the next time you use. When there is vaginal dryness can be used with some lubricant, solve the problem of vaginal dryness.

In short, only the correct use, in order to let the best vibrators to bring more fun sex, in addition, it is recommended to choose big brand appeal best vibrators, more reliable quality, use more assured.

How does women feels to wear strap on dildos to have a strap on sex?

Strap on dildos is a dildo designed to be worn, usually with a harness, during strap on sex activity. Harnesses and dildos are made in a wide variety of styles, with variations in how the harness fits the wearer, how the dildo attaches to the harness, as well as various features intended to facilitate stimulation of the wearer or a sexual partner.

The strap on dildos can be used for a wide variety of sexual activities, strap on sex including vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, or solo or mutual masturbation. Sexual lubricant can be used to ease insertion, and strap on dildos can be used by people of any gender or sexuality.

“The girl wanted to fuck EVERYTHING”

When you bought strap on dildos for a girl and the first time she put it on she told her girlfriend that she just wanted to fuck everything and got her to pass a poster tube so she could fuck it.

When you use strap on dildos often with your partner and it feels great! Besides all the obvious sexy aspects of power dynamics and prostate stimulation, find that it creates a real sense of trust and intimacy.It was incredibly entertaining to waggle it, and see it on you. Using it was amazing, too. It definitely will gave you a sense of power to fuck both this chick and your partner with it. 10/10 would do strap on sex again!

Double dildos makes you feel orgasm with your lover together.

Double dildos is a sex toy that allows for the simultaneous penetration of two bodily orifices at the same time. It is designed in the form of two penetrative stimulators (penis shaped or non-phallic) that come separately or fixed on the single shaft. Some of them include a vibrating motor that turns them into double penetration vibrators.

Double dildos are longer than traditional dildos, and they may be made of a number of different materials, including silicone, latex and even glass. Many of the ones made of more flexible materials are designed to bend for solo use.

Although they can be used for masturbation, double dildos are most commonly used by partners. Some double dildos are V-shaped and designed to be similar to strap-on dildos. One end of the toy is pointed upward and inserted into the female partner’s vagina; she can then use the other end to thrust into her partner’s vagina or anus.

One end of this delicious curved double dildos is designed to be worn internally by a woman, while the other end can be used on… whoever you want! Uninhibited pleasure is there for you both thanks to the shafts’ realistic heads and ridges.

With an attached elasticated harness to keep it securely in place and 12 inches of double dildos length to enjoy together (6 inches each), this realistic strap on harness promises exciting and versatile play options.

Double dildos always use with a generous helping of water-based lube for premium pleasure.

What are the correct use of male sex toys?

The correct use of male sex toys when you bought them: please don’t rush to use them, because most of the male sex toys will be Coating a layer of bactericidal agent in the factory, just the oily thing on them! The male sex toys also have their own smell.

You’d better wash your male sex toys with warm water, if you look carefully enough, you will be noticed, most of the male sex toy’s vagina are pink, and can be wash out! It want to tell you: This is the new one, if when you buy another male products, they don’t have the pink thing, maybe they are used!

Male sex toys generally have a built-in sex lubricant, which is the manufacturer for you, but manufacturers generally send different lubricant, so when you buy the male sex toys, can also buy more lubricant!

Male sex toys must use lubricant, because of men’s activities is not like women can let you love liquid secretion, sex lubricant, appliances only in the lubricant is plentiful, can let you feel the pleasure of all.

Some of the male sex toys‘s design appropriate the vagina mouth is very small, but you don’t have to worry about this problem , male sex toys are highly elastic, you don’t have to worry about your penis after entering will be crowded in, you only need put some more sex lubricant in the male sex toys, make the penis erection, be forced into!

Male sex toys must be carefully cleaned after used, sex lubricant are water soluble, you only need to clean with the shampoo, it will be able to wash clean!


The 4 best sexual positions to make you feel orgasm.

Sexual pleasure, in addition to the duration of sexual behavior of this factor, but also with a direct relationship between best sexual positions, the man’s penis insertion frequency and the insertion of a great relationship. How many women feel the most comfortable to insert the penis?

Generally speaking, when the penis is inserted deeper, the female will obviously feel the glans penis and the contact of the uterine mouth have sex appeal, can make the female produce completely different from the pleasure of the friction of the. If the women in need when sexual partners hold the waist, can be pushed into the deeper, will also stimulate the male to become more hard, even let him have to explode. On the other hand, when the penis is inserted into the shallower, the sex of the two sides of the degree of excitement is weak, the corresponding degree of sexual pleasure is also low. And how deep the plug, and the best sexual positions has a direct relationship.

These following best sexual positions can make women feel more deeper:

Face to face stack
The man sat on the edge of the bed or chair, and the woman sat on his lap in the face of her mate. Advantage is that women in this position, you can easily control the angle and depth. This best sexual positions is good, because the woman sitting in the man’s body, it is easier to control strength, coupled with gravity, so it is easier to deep.

Hip high type
Women lying face down, buttocks slightly pursed. The advantage is that this best sexual positions can touch the deepest privacy of women, and it will make people mistakenly believe that the male genital. But be careful, this position may be due to too deep, so that women feel uncomfortable.

Riding the hip type
The best sexual positions is the use of female upper, but men want to raise the buttocks, and with both hands to help her partner’s hips. The advantage is that this action can make women choose to take the initiative to slow the stimulus, or the deep impact, the former can stimulate the 1/3 of Vagina, the latter can bring a climax.

Back riding
Men lie on their backs, the female back to the male sit down, hands placed on both sides of the thigh for support. At this best sexual positions, the man can clearly see the woman crazy twisting of the hips, stimulate the infinite sense of stimulation.