The most useful female sex toys.

Sex toys are a special kind of goods, people are also more taboo, like the purchase of an ordinary daily necessities to the store to choose to buy. Many potential consumers are due to the constraints of traditional concepts, and many other factors (of course, some people can not accept adult supplies), and inconvenient to buy or embarrassed to go to the store and choose to give up. Female sex toys mall just to solve this problem, greatly protect the privacy of customers. Since the reform and opening up, let go of the national policy, the ideas of the people is also undergoing changes in turn the world upside down, sex toys also crept into people’s daily life, people are not so taboo.

Electric vibrating egg
The simplest principle of electric female sex toys, so that a small ball of vibration, if it only in the air vibration, may not play any entertainment, and you can still manipulate it.

The simulation of electric female sex toys
It looks like the real and not what sex differences, and more beautiful, more abundant function. Due to the problem of the material, it will have a variety of colors, a variety of sizes, you can purchase according to your actual situation in accordance with your needs.

cock ring
To care for female multiple, longer time in taste, like comfort thumb, with erect spines, female sex toys let more women happy.

Female sex toys can not only add interest, improve the quality of sex, also can bring positive effects to health. For example, women in menopause can maintain vaginal elasticity with sex toys to avoid incontinence and other diseases. Some doctors also recommend sex toys to women who don’t orgasm. Sexual health is conducive to the health of the whole body, the use of sex toys can improve the feelings of the body organs, so that the body will be more sensitive to some discomfort.

Whether it is charming uniforms, sexy lingerie, erotic literature, sex toys, female sex toys are used to strengthen your contact items, change to add sexual behavior, sexual life is easy to be “derailed” immutable and frozen, excuse. So now try to try a variety of adult products, let sex no longer monotonous!

The orgasm is very important, but your female sex toys may be very unsafe.

Female sex toys as to meet the needs of the existence of women’s use, almost all over the major electronic business platform. The size of domestic and imported brands stampede in various styles, colors, colorful with diamond size, multi size, spherical curved, “two pronged” shapes in short.

When women demand for such products is more and more strong, quality and safety, comfort, health, long-term use is harmful to the body and other problems will ensue. As the female sex toys electric leakage occur frequently in recent years, most people will often leave a message on the net complain his story was as a joke. I do not know, we are in the face of a very interesting and very serious practical problems.

Shape and size determine whether to meet the needs of users
The shape and size of the female sex toys is reasonable, and it can decide whether to meet the needs of users. Now on the market a lot of vibration rod shape, according to the shape of a single head, double rod: rod (two shock head), rod (simulation imitation of male device); material: silicone rubber, metal rods, glass rod; divided by function: AV rod (C point stimulation), G bar, bar backyard.

Reduce gynecological diseases, vibration rod technology, material has a direct relationship
In order to reduce the gynecological diseases, the process and the material of the female sex toys are directly related to the health and safety. Prior to the process: in the past, most of the toys are plastic, that is, outside the core of a layer of silicone rubber (or other elastic material), and then with other materials, so generally have a joint. Even if the toy is used with a magnetic suction charge or a pin hole socket, the charging hole is also left with a fine pore.
Material: the current taste of the industry is more common material with silicone, latex, PVC, thermoplastic rubber, mixed rubber, etc.. The silica gel is the highest quality raw materials (breast augmentation and hip materials, implantable), non-toxic and tasteless, weak acid and alkali resistance, aging, and the vibration transmission rate is strongest in the soft material (felt stronger), even though the cost is higher, but more reliable.


Data show that 55% to 75% of women have had a high tide of the need to be touched by the need to be touched. The tiny more than 8 thousand, which contains the most sensitive nerve endings, is the most distributed organ in the body. If you use a female sex toys to pull the plug to stimulate the vagina and ignore the. This is not a psychological problem, it is not a toy problem, but play the problem, you need to know your body.