The female masturbation stories.

Women need sexual physiological needs of men, but sometimes men can not meet a woman’s desire for sexual love, then how to do it?. Masturbation can be sold on the market a variety of appliances, can also be readily available. Women are creative enough to meet their own needs and see female masturbation stories they masturbate.

1. dynamic bicycle shaking seat
The other day I was on a bike ride, and my seat was a little shaky. I didn’t know how to do this kind of repetitive motion. Fortunately, the classroom is very black, I sat in the back of the room no one can see. (female masturbation stories)

2. a vibrating rod doll
When I was a kid (about the time when I was in high school in junior high school), I found that Elmo, who accompanied me for a long time, laughed a lot. So I separated the vibration from the speaker, and it was my female masturbation stories.

3. children’s vibration graffiti pen
When I was young, I used the vibration doodle pen masturbation, its shape and feeling vibrations are very like dildos. My mother saw me female masturbation stories, she told me to throw away my pen. But at that time I was so addicted to masturbation that I quietly picked it out of the trash.
The second time she caught me masturbating, she told me that if I did, she would take me to the doctor and tell them I was sick. Now look back, she’s really bad at my sex education.

4. electric toothbrush
4/5 of dentists recommend electric toothbrushes female masturbation stories.

Ancient German: dildos
An artificial sun found in Germany has a history of more than 30 thousand years, probably one of the oldest sex toys we know. The Greeks and the French have always been known for their enthusiasm, and made the female masturbation stories.

Ancient Egypt: Bee shaker
Cleopatra had attracted many suitors, but it can not stop her female masturbation stories. It is said that she will be full of bees in the gourd, this is a simple vibrator.
It is assumed that she died of snake bites, and the snake also has always been considered a good choice of homemade phallus. So maybe the famous Cleopatra had a whole zoo to serve as their own harem.

Nineteenth Century: vibrator
This is your long-awaited part, right? For all patients with hysteria massage doctors make hand pain, so George Taylor doctor invented the steam driven, looks very scary vibrators to assist them in work.
However, it was not until 1902 that Hamilton Beech invented the electric vibrator that women began to female masturbation stories. Unfortunately, when the adult film industry heard of this device, it disappeared from the market because of its sexual metaphor.