The 4 best sexual positions to make you feel orgasm.

Sexual pleasure, in addition to the duration of sexual behavior of this factor, but also with a direct relationship between best sexual positions, the man’s penis insertion frequency and the insertion of a great relationship. How many women feel the most comfortable to insert the penis?

Generally speaking, when the penis is inserted deeper, the female will obviously feel the glans penis and the contact of the uterine mouth have sex appeal, can make the female produce completely different from the pleasure of the friction of the. If the women in need when sexual partners hold the waist, can be pushed into the deeper, will also stimulate the male to become more hard, even let him have to explode. On the other hand, when the penis is inserted into the shallower, the sex of the two sides of the degree of excitement is weak, the corresponding degree of sexual pleasure is also low. And how deep the plug, and the best sexual positions has a direct relationship.

These following best sexual positions can make women feel more deeper:

Face to face stack
The man sat on the edge of the bed or chair, and the woman sat on his lap in the face of her mate. Advantage is that women in this position, you can easily control the angle and depth. This best sexual positions is good, because the woman sitting in the man’s body, it is easier to control strength, coupled with gravity, so it is easier to deep.

Hip high type
Women lying face down, buttocks slightly pursed. The advantage is that this best sexual positions can touch the deepest privacy of women, and it will make people mistakenly believe that the male genital. But be careful, this position may be due to too deep, so that women feel uncomfortable.

Riding the hip type
The best sexual positions is the use of female upper, but men want to raise the buttocks, and with both hands to help her partner’s hips. The advantage is that this action can make women choose to take the initiative to slow the stimulus, or the deep impact, the former can stimulate the 1/3 of Vagina, the latter can bring a climax.

Back riding
Men lie on their backs, the female back to the male sit down, hands placed on both sides of the thigh for support. At this best sexual positions, the man can clearly see the woman crazy twisting of the hips, stimulate the infinite sense of stimulation.