The female masturbation stories.

Women need sexual physiological needs of men, but sometimes men can not meet a woman’s desire for sexual love, then how to do it?. Masturbation can be sold on the market a variety of appliances, can also be readily available. Women are creative enough to meet their own needs and see female masturbation stories they masturbate.

1. dynamic bicycle shaking seat
The other day I was on a bike ride, and my seat was a little shaky. I didn’t know how to do this kind of repetitive motion. Fortunately, the classroom is very black, I sat in the back of the room no one can see. (female masturbation stories)

2. a vibrating rod doll
When I was a kid (about the time when I was in high school in junior high school), I found that Elmo, who accompanied me for a long time, laughed a lot. So I separated the vibration from the speaker, and it was my female masturbation stories.

3. children’s vibration graffiti pen
When I was young, I used the vibration doodle pen masturbation, its shape and feeling vibrations are very like dildos. My mother saw me female masturbation stories, she told me to throw away my pen. But at that time I was so addicted to masturbation that I quietly picked it out of the trash.
The second time she caught me masturbating, she told me that if I did, she would take me to the doctor and tell them I was sick. Now look back, she’s really bad at my sex education.

4. electric toothbrush
4/5 of dentists recommend electric toothbrushes female masturbation stories.

Ancient German: dildos
An artificial sun found in Germany has a history of more than 30 thousand years, probably one of the oldest sex toys we know. The Greeks and the French have always been known for their enthusiasm, and made the female masturbation stories.

Ancient Egypt: Bee shaker
Cleopatra had attracted many suitors, but it can not stop her female masturbation stories. It is said that she will be full of bees in the gourd, this is a simple vibrator.
It is assumed that she died of snake bites, and the snake also has always been considered a good choice of homemade phallus. So maybe the famous Cleopatra had a whole zoo to serve as their own harem.

Nineteenth Century: vibrator
This is your long-awaited part, right? For all patients with hysteria massage doctors make hand pain, so George Taylor doctor invented the steam driven, looks very scary vibrators to assist them in work.
However, it was not until 1902 that Hamilton Beech invented the electric vibrator that women began to female masturbation stories. Unfortunately, when the adult film industry heard of this device, it disappeared from the market because of its sexual metaphor.

Why do men have love sexy pantyhose.

At first, A repressed desire to conquer”
Black symbolizes the cold, tough and evil man born with the desire to conquer, sexy pantyhose greatly stimulate their desire to eradicate the evil and punish “,” down “,” Conquest “before the release, this is the category of evolutionary biology.
A brief discussion on the relationship between transparent stockings and thighs

Second, the profound “visual illusion”
Sexy pantyhose with small holes, coupled with an unprecedented degree of tightness with the skin, the perfect modification of the woman’s leg curve, and produced a longer legs, legs thinner, more beautiful, the illusion.

Third, hazy beauty
Through the comparison we can draw, sexy pantyhose, black tights and black trousers three, temptation degree is progressively decreasing. What you can’t get is the best, and the kind of thing that makes you feel good is that you don’t get it. Stockings is the principle, let you see, but do not let you look at, so that you can not touch.

Fourth, tear impulse
The characteristics of fine coarse legs, so the thigh was torn, sexy pantyhose more “rare”, when worn to the upper part, has pulled very thin, thigh crus is more than white, the color difference, plus stockings to thin, a break away the illusion, it is easy to make people have a strong urge to tear.

Fifth, alternative to sexual fantasy
Like to see the shoes will think of foot, see people naturally think of sexy pantyhose legs, stockings is nostalgia, from man’s leg to the back of the stockings for male sexual attraction and sexual satisfaction is a substitute for silk stockings, men have sexual fantasies on the transfer of the legs.

1. the basic black opaque sexy pantyhose, wearing their funeral occasions (such as husband, parents, etc.) with black and black dress collocation;
2. the more transparent sexy pantyhose, on behalf of you is a sex worker (the United States sex workers refers to the opposite sex in addition to sexual intercourse outside of any other sexual services, such as strip, caress, etc.).

Introduction of the bondage tape.

Now people’s sexual concept is more and more open, more and more people enjoy the beauty of sex, so a lot of sexual love supplies came into being. From the beginning of the vaginal lubricant, to sexy lingerie, now and then to a variety of sex products, is really dazzling! Today is to introduce an adult sex products can have sex position to try again the bondage tape, not only alleviate the monotonous form of sex in the bed, but also can make do you enjoy the most comfortable sex experience.

Bondage tape, can sit, lie, but also rely on. Here is not the general small chair, but the fun of new appliances: no gravity sex seat.

Bondage tape is now popular appeal products. Men and women in the sexual life will change a lot of body position, each position needs to find a support point, or sit, rely on the object. However, daily necessities, bedding, ordinary furniture can not meet the requirements. Sex seats are designed to solve this problem.

It is very important to find a good support for the sex posture outside the normal position. For example, mount type, the woman riding on the man, although the posture of the main body of the woman in the exercise, but many women do not know how to move, or moving uncomfortable, and the man moving up and inconvenient. If the woman is biased, simply can not move. The use of bondage tape can be a good solution to this problem.

The woman sat on the chair, the man lying below, because the seat surface is made of special material of the elastic band, so it can naturally droop, so that both sides of the sexual organs of smooth. The movement is very convenient, and the elastic force of the elastic belt can also be used for the up and down movement. Not only is the mount type, the back into the body can also use sex seat. The woman lying on the chair, in a suspended state, the man of the back, hand grabbed the bondage tape on both sides, so that we can smoothly move.

In addition, the bondage tape can also be used for standing posture. The man leaned against the wall and placed his seat on the abdomen, which was similar to the physical examination. Then, the woman relies on the seat of the elastic band, sexual organs can be carried out before and after the exercise. At this time, the elastic band and hit the stretch can save much strength on both sides. However, we must pay attention to strength, otherwise the woman may be ejected!